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Changing Cupola Colors for Garage

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Is there a new cupola perched charmingly atop your house, but now that it’s up there, you’re wishing it would be a different color to add a pop of color to your property? Or is that cupola on top of your barn for as long as you can remember starting to bother you with its discoloration with age? Maybe you are looking to purchase a cupola, but the store you have in mind doesn’t have your colors in stock. If you find yourself in any of the above situations, or you just want to experiment with different cupola colors to spruce up your buildings, this article will give you direction on your journey to a fresh-looking cupola!

Why Should You Paint Your Cupola? 

Cupola Colors Custom

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Aside from the apparent reason for improving your cupola’s looks, there are numerous benefits to changing your cupola color using paint.

Painting your cupola allows you to choose the color that best fits the building you’re outfitting with a cupola. If you want a cupola that seamlessly fits in with building materials, choose a matching paint color with the rest of your building. Choose different cupola colors to add a pop of color and a spot of interest to your building.

A cupola is already a fantastic way to add a classic and timeless charm to your property, but adding a fresh coat of paint will improve the aesthetics even more. Painting allows you to experiment with different cupola colors and try out new looks without much commitment.

Cupolas are built to be durable and fade-resistant. If you want to take further measures to ensure your cupola lasts as long as possible, painting will help with that. Make sure you use paint that has UV-resistant properties for best results.

Opting for a newly painted cupola can increase the durability of your cupola. Don’t scrimp on paint; use a high-quality brand to get the most out of this. Pay the extra money to get a high-quality, weather-resistant paint made especially for vinyl.

Changing your cupola colors is an easy way to maintain it and get the most use out of it. Instead of constantly replacing your cupola after it starts fading and looking weathered, add another coat of paint and enjoy it for years. 

Can You Change Vinyl Cupola Colors with Paint?

Changing Cupola Colors with Paint

Yes! It is totally possible to change vinyl cupola colors with paint. Maybe you’ve decided that something has to happen to your cupola. Either it has to have a facelift, or it needs to be replaced. These decisions bring questions to your mind like:

These are excellent questions to ask and consider instead of making a hasty decision and costing you valuable time and money. To clarify, the answers to the first three questions are a resounding yes! The answer to the last question can go either way, depending on what shape your cupola is in and how much you want it upgraded.

If you’re looking for different cupola colors, painting is an excellent choice for giving your cupola a makeover; however, you can’t just go out, buy a bucket of paint, and quickly throw it onto your vinyl cupolas. There is a method and a process you should follow for the best results.

Painting Your Cupola

Changing Cupola Colors with Paint Painting

Now that you know the numerous benefits of painting your cupola, what steps must you follow for the best quality paint job? It’s a process to paint cupolas, but it’s worth doing it the right way once rather than having to redo your painting job because you took too many shortcuts.

Before You Paint

Changing Cupola Colors with Paint Choosing Colors

The first step in the painting process is ensuring you have the perfect color. Take the theme colors of the buildings on your property into consideration when you’re choosing cupola colors. Another small but essential thing to consider is the color of the roof you have on the cupola itself. Cupolas come with a variety of roof options– both materials and colors. Here at Cupolas’ n More, we have copper and aluminum roofs with multiple color options for our aluminum roofs. Our copper roofs age and change colors over time. Take a look at our aluminum and copper roof cupolas!

Don’t buy the first bucket of paint you see on the shelf when you have your perfect cupola color picked out. Do your research and know what kind of paint your cupola needs. 

Exterior acrylic latex paint is a good option because of its excellent adherence to vinyl surfaces, its durability, and its resistance to peeling, cracking, and fading.

Some paint manufacturers offer vinyl-specific paint that sticks to vinyl surfaces and provides a durable coat of paint for vinyl materials.

It might seem like an insignificant thing to take into consideration, but looking at the weather forecast is an essential step in the painting process. If you have damp and cloudy weather, your paint won’t dry nicely and quickly and will affect your cupola. Make sure the weather looks like it will be sunny and dry before you make too many painting plans.

Preparing Your Cupola for Paint

The day has arrived. It’s time to transform your cupola and finally change its color. Unfortunately, it will take you longer than one day, so buckle up.

  1. It’s Time to Clean!
Changing Cupola Colors with Paint Cleaning

The first step of transformation is getting that cupola clean and shiny. Give it a really good going over, and make sure there are no dirt particles, spider webs, or other crud living anywhere on your cupola. If your cupola is clean, the paint will adhere correctly, and you will have a more quality result.

  1. Sanding Your Cupola
Changing Cupola Colors with Paint Sanding

With your cupola clean and sparkling, it’s time to sand it to get it ready for painting. Use a medium-grit sandpaper or sanding block and gently sand all surfaces of the cupola. You want to achieve a slightly roughened texture to help the paint adhere better.

  1. It’s Prime Time!
Changing Cupola Colors with Paint Priming

Choose a high-quality primer that’s made of vinyl materials. Follow the instructions the manufacturer provides for the primer you decide on, and carefully apply a coat of primer to your cupola. Begin priming at the top of the cupola and work your way down, paying close attention to all the little nooks and crannies that your intricate piece has. Refrain from pressing it on too thickly, but apply it in thin, even layers. Let the primer dry, and you’re ready to paint!

  1. Painting Your Cupola
Changing Cupola Colors with Paint Process

With your fully primed and dried cupola before you, quality paint beside you, and a brush in your hand, you’re finally ready to roll on the most critical step of the process. Apply the paint carefully using a roller, brush, or sprayer. Depending on your paint’s coverage and the result you want to finish with, you may need to apply multiple thin coats of paint. Make sure you allow sufficient drying time between coats of paint.

Mistakes to Avoid

Changing Cupola Colors for Shed

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When it comes to changing your cupola color with paint, it can be tempting to cut corners and think that some of the steps in the process are optional. Save yourself time and headaches by doing the job right the first time. 

Be sure to complete the cleaning or priming process. Even if you think that your cupola really isn’t that dirty, it should be in pristine condition before painting. Priming isn’t vital if you do a couple of coats of paint, but priming your surface creates a better foundation for the paint, especially when dealing with vinyl surfaces.

Don’t put the paint on too thickly. You may be saving yourself time since you won’t have to apply multiple coats of paint, but your paint will end up dripping and not drying correctly if applied too thickly.

Don’t rush the process. They say good things take time, and that’s a very true saying when it comes to painting cupolas. It might be frustrating that you have to wait between coats of paint, but the quality result you end up with is worth it.

Maintaining Your Painted Vinyl Cupola

Changing Cupola Colors for Barn

Your cupola’s longevity is primarily affected by the way you maintain it. Make cleaning your cupola a regular part of your life, but steer clear of using a pressure washer to do the cleaning. The intense stream of water that pressure washers produce can damage the paint on your cupola. Keep a close eye on your cupola and catch any minor imperfections like cracks and chipped paint, and remedy them before they get any bigger. 

No matter how much you care for your cupola, eventually, a time will come when nature will take its toll on your cupola, and it’s time to start the process all over again. But now that you’ve painted your cupola once, you’ll know exactly what you’re doing, and it will be easier than before. You may want to change up the color of your cupola and try out a new look on your property. 

Painting a Cupola is Possible!

Changing Cupola Colors

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Switching up your cupola color is something you can do by yourself with a couple of days, a bucket of quality primer and paint, and a brush. A newly painted cupola to complement your property is now something you are knowledgeable about, and you’re ready to take on this new project. Get started on your transformation today! 

Take a look at our various options of cupolas to start getting a vision for your new addition to your roof. Whether you’re looking for a simple square cupola or you’re looking for a more intricate hexagon cupola, we have the right thing for you! If you’ve looked through our options at Cupolas ‘n More and haven’t found the perfect fit for you, give us a call! We’d love to answer any questions you have and help you find the cupola for you.

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