A Copper Roofed Cupola is just not complete without a copper weathervane for the final touch. When you’ve found the cupola for your house, barn or shed, then come on over here and find the cupola for sale to make it just right.

copper weathervanes for sale

Choose a Pure Copper or Blue Verde Copper Weathervane

Our copper weathervanes come in a pure copper or a Blue Verde copper style. If you want to keep your copper weather vane looking clean and fresh, make sure you buy the sealer to keep the new copper look.

Pure Copper Weathervanes Blue Verde Weathervanes

How to Assemble and Mount a Weathervane

Our Copper Weathervanes for sale here are easy to assemble. They consist of the copper weathervane figure, copper globes, and solid brass directionals. If you’re purchasing a cupola with weathervane, be sure to select the optional weathervane hole, that’s if the cupola you choose does not come with it standard. If you wish to install on an existing roof, be sure to purchase a mounting bracket to go with your weathervane. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

How To Assemble A Weathervane
Adapting a Garden Weathervane to a Cupola

Our Copper Weathervanes Come in 3 Main Sizes

small medium large copper weathervanes for sale

Estate Copper Weathervanes are ideal for a larger home, garage or barn.
Standard Size are ideal for a home, garage, barn or gazebo.
Cottage Size are ideal for a smaller structure, shed or gazebo.

Shop our Cupolas

Want more than just a copper weathervane? Shop our cupolas for sale and give your house, barn, or shed the real finishing touch with a copper top cupola paired with a copper weathervane. Check out our sizing chart for cupolas and find the perfect weathervane to match it!