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Hexagon Vinyl Cupola with Louvers and Concave Copper Roof



  • Concave Copper Roof
  • Exterior Screws are Stainless Steel
  • Straight style base
  • Large enough for a 10 Pitch Roof plus a 4″- 5″ clearance
  • 3/4″ weathervane hole
  • Width of cupola roof is 5” wider than base width
  • These are six sided cupola toppers that are made out of maintenance free vinyl PVC board


Interior Screening

Extended base for 12/12 pitch roof

Patina Copper Roof

Patina gives an “Old Fashion/Worn” look to the cupolas roof.

Copper Roof Clear Coating

Keep the copper on your cupola and weathervane looking bright and shiny. Requires an annual application.

A Cupola Topper For That Fancy Look

The Cupola’s n More Hexagon Cupola topper series is for those serious about the finishing touches! Whether you are looking for a Hexagon Cupola for a House to finish off the roof in a unique style or looking for a Hexagon Cupola topper for a Garage, we think you’ve found your match!

To begin with, the Hexagon Cupolas are available in many sizes. The largest is a 60-inch wide cupola standing 92 inches tall! This large cupola will look exquisite on top of a luxury home or a large commercial building and even work great as a large cupola for a horse barn. You’ll also find the option for a small hexagon cupola with louvers or a small hexagon cupola with windows. The smallest option is a 24-inch hexagon cupola which stands around 45 inches tall. The base on this cupola is large enough for a ten-pitch roof cutout, plus a 4”-5” clearance.

But what really sets this series of hexagon cupolas apart is the roof. It features a polished concave copper roof that is 5” wider than the cupola base. Want a hexagon cupola with the faded copper roof look? We also offer the option for a Patina Copper Roof on the cupola to give you the look of older copper. This copper top cupola will add the finishing touch you want to your building.

You want the right size cupola to make your building look great. Not sure what size copper cupola you need? Check out our Cupolas Sizing Guide to find the right size for your building. Want a cupola weathervane? This cupola has a 3/4″ weathervane hole for your ideal copper weathervane.