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Customized Cupolas come in wood and vinyl, with a copper roof or a painted roof and with windows or louvers. Each cupola offers a unique touch to fit in with your barn, house, shed, and garage.

Square or Hexagon Cupolas Customized for You

Choose Square or Hexagon Cupolas

Some building look great with a square cupola and others with a hexagon. Some with a straight roof and others with a concave roof. Here, you get to choose how your cupola should look.

Square Cupolas Hexagon Cupolas
Copper Cupolas For Sale USA Custom Cupolas

Copper, Patina or Painted Cupola Roof

A copper roof cupola is a very popular choice when buying a cupola for sale. But not everyone has the same taste for what their cupola should look like. We offer our cupolas with roof color choices and even offer a patina copper roof color.

Copper Cupolas Patina or Painted Cupolas
Customized Wood or Vinyl Cupolas

Wood or Vinyl Cupolas

We love when things are maintenance free, but we also love the old look as wood offers. You can buy your cupola wood or vinyl. Both should last a very long time!

Wood Cupolas Vinyl Cupolas
Window or Louvered Cupolas for Your Barn in PA, MD, DE

Choose Window or Louvered Cupolas

Louvered cupolas are great for getting air in and out of a building or just to give your building that special look. Window Cupolas are primarily for aesthetics. They add a finished touched to your shed, barn, garage or home.

Window Cupolas Louvers Cupolas
Window or Louvered Cupolas for Your Barn in PA, MD, DE

Straight or Concave Roof

Your roof doesn’t have to be straight. It can have a concave design to add more to the style of your cupola. Start shopping and find the cupola that will enhance your property.

Straight Roof Concave Roof
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