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Give your garage that extra touch it needs with a Copper Rooftop Cupola. Or buy a small garage cupola and add a weathervane for that cherry on top look you’ve been wanting. Here you can find a garage cupola to match your garage size and class.

Garage Cupolas for Your Garage in ND, SD, DE

Your Car Garage with a Cupola

Not every garage is created equal and not every garage cupola is created equal. When you invest in the beauty of your garage, you invest in the value of your property. There’s just something about a garage with a cupola and weathervane that sets it apart from the rest.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3… Simply find your cupola for sale in our store, it will be shipped to your preferred location and you can install with our instructional video!

Popular Garage Cupolas

Choosing the right cupola for a garage means looking at different variables. You can choose wood or vinyl material, a cooper or aluminum painted roof and choose between a garage cupola with glass or one with louvers. You can also decide if you want to use your new garage cupola as a vent! Here are a few popular garage cupolas which are available in 30-inch cupolas to 60 inch cupolas.

Garage Cupola Q and A

What size should my Garage Cupola be?

That depends on the size of the garage where the cupola will be installed. We recommend measuring the length of your garage that needs a cupola and then multiplying by 1.25. That will give you the approximate ideal size of your garage. See more instructions here.

Can I install the Garage Cupola Myself?

That depends on a number of factors. Are you an avid DIYer? Do you have the tools for the job? Is the roof of your garage really steep? Whatever you do, make sure you use ALL safety precautions such as a safety harness etc. Better to be safe than sorry!

Are your Garage Cupolas Really Amish Cupolas?

We actually never saw an “Amish Cupola” with a straw hat on top! But our cupolas are really made by Amish folks in Lancaster County, PA and they work hard to make each garage cupola shine. You will enjoy the beauty of it for a very long time!

cupola for three car garage

Photos of Cupolas for a Garage

Find inspiration for your garage cupola here. Past customers from all over the USA have added a special touch with garage cupolas on their one, two, or three-car garages. Some of the garages with Cupola’s n More products are attached garages, others are detached.

See the photos of garages with cupolas and then find your own painted roof cupola or copper roof cupola in our online store. Buy a wooden cupola that can be painted to match your garage or a vinyl cupola that will be maintenance-free for decades to come.

Last, but not Least: Add a Weathervane to Your Garage Cupola

It is a weathervane that adds the final touch to your garage cupola! Choose from nearly 100 options of copper weathervanes in our online store and your garage cupola will be the draw of the neighborhood. Weathervanes for your garage come in various sizes and with as polished copper weathervanes or Blue Verde Weathervanes. Not sure which copper cupola you would like for your garage? You can start by just browsing our cupolas or you can type the style you are looking for in the search bar on top of the page. To search for a rooster weathervane, just type in “rooster” or to find a horse weathervane, type in “horse” to find the selection of that specific style.

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    Bass with Lure Weathervane – Pure Copper

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    37″ Whale Weathervane – Blue Verde Copper

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    Rooster Weathervane – Pure Copper

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