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Can You Change Vinyl Cupola Colors with Paint?

Are you looking for a way to change up your cupola colors? This article tackles the topic of the dos and don’ts of painting cupolas.


Reason You Need A Cupola As A Shed Vent

What’s the perfect shed venting solution? It could be a cupola. Not only do cupolas work great as shed vents, they also look spectacular! Learn more here!


Chicken Coop Ventilation

Here you can learn all about about chicken coop ventilation. You can read about the differences between mechanical and natural ventilation, and the benefits of each. You’ll also learn some tips on proper ventilation, to keep your chickens happy and healthy.


Cupola Roofs

A cupola is a small structure that sits on top of a large roof, these roofs often have a shape of a spire, a dome, or a lantern. Also, cupola roofs have two main purposes: first, to provide ventilation by allowing hot air to go through them and allowing fresh air to enter. Second, it adds an aesthetic element to the roof of the building.


Metal Barn Cupolas (8 Important Things to Know)

The valuable information in this article will inform you on the do’s and don’t of buying the perfect metal barn cupola for your needs.


25 Weathervane Ideas For Your Structures

Looking for different kinds of weathervane ideas? Here are the top weathervanes you can purchase as structure toppers or as decoration pieces inside your home!