Rooster Weathervanes

Rooster Weathervanes! What, How, and Why the Rooster Weathervane? All You Need to Know! Plus 7 Gorgeous Designs!

Do you have a fascination with roosters? Has their proud strut and decorative feathers intrigued you? If so, you are not alone! Roosters have scratched out a place for themselves in history and rooster weathervanes prove it!


30 Inch Cupolas

So… you’re looking to make a big impression, eh? Our 30 inch cupolas is a really big ornament to put on top of your house, garage, or barn… but if it’s a big statement you want to make, we have you covered! Add value to your property, at low cost.


How to Install a Weathervane on a Cupola

Weathervanes are epic, eye-catching wonders! From the ancient Greeks to the first American president, George Washington, these attractive wind catchers have been adored and instructive too many. Now it’s your turn to feel the excitement and admiration as you hold your very own weathervane in your hands.