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Country Doctor Weathervane Ideas

Some may not remember the purpose and usefulness of weathervanes. These wind-detecting tools are not only useful, but they also add some beautiful decor to your property. From material to style, here are some weathervane ideas to keep an eye out for before you make your purchase.

Best Material For Weathervanes

American Eagle Weathervane Ideas

Weathervane Ideas For Cottages

Lighthouse Weathervane Ideas

Whether you are calling your tiny home a cottage or a little vacation cabin…here are the best weathervane ideas for cottages!

Bear Weathervane

Bear with Arrow Weathervane Ideas

The bear weathervane makes you feel like you are in the woods on a grand adventure. Whether you are enjoying your morning coffee on the porch or simply mowing your lawn…a bear weathervane on a cottage is an excellent addition to the aesthetics of your home. 

Blue Heron Weathervane

9606v1 blue heron weathervane blue verde copper

The blue heron is a majestic bird that often thrives around lakes and rivers. What better way to commemorate your vacation cottage than with a bird you may see while on your afternoon hike?

Moose Weathervane

Whether you are an avid hunter or just an animal lover, a moose weathervane can be the perfect companion for your cottage.

Moose with Arrow Weathervane Ideas

Weathervane Ideas For Garages

As you pull into your garage each afternoon, what do you want to look up and see? Here are the most popular garage weathervanes this year!

Bald Eagle Weathervane

American Bald Eagle Weathervane Ideas

Synonymous with our country and the freedom we have, the bald eagle weathervane is at home on top of many garages in this country. Recollect on the opportunities and lives we get to have here with this weathervane.

Motorcycle Weathervane

Motorcycle Weathervane Ideas

These weathervanes may be perfect for those who own a motorcycle, but more often than not, you will also find them on garage roofs with no bike inside. Give your garage a touch of “cool” with a motorcycle weathervane.

Sailboat Weathervane

Large Sailboat Weathervane Ideas

 No matter if you live by the water or not, you can’t go wrong with a garage topper like a sailboat weathervane. Dream of days on the lake or the open ocean every time you are working in your garage!

Weathervane Ideas For Barns

If you are running a working farm or have a newly renovated barn on your property, these weathervane ideas can spark some creative ways to accent your structure! Spoiler alert, they are all animals!

Rooster Weathervane

Smithsonian Rooster Weathervane Ideas

These iconic birds are often found in and around barns. With their iconic greeting to start each morning, your barn will be complete with a rooster weathervane crowning the top!

Pig Weathervane

Flying Pig with Arrow Weathervane Ideas

While some may find them dirty, others have them as pets. Whatever the case may be, pig weathervanes are right at home on top of any style of barn.

Horse Weathervane

Horse Polished Weathervane Ideas

You may have a horse barn, agricultural barn, or simple storage barn. A horse weathervane can add the power and beauty you need for the peak of your massive outdoor structure.

Weathervane Ideas For Pavilions

Pavilions are most often found attached to backyard decks or out in your backyard, giving a space to rest and relax! These pavilion weathervane ideas are sure to give your structure a spark.

Wine Bottle Weathervane

WineBottle Weathervane Ideas

A leisure activity enjoyed by many in the afternoon hours, this weathervane can be a fun way of letting people know the vibe you want for your outdoor pavilion. 

Rabbit Weathervane

Rabbit cottage weathervane Ideas

These little creatures are often seen in backyards and all around the neighborhood properties. 

Hummingbird Weathervane

913P hummingbird weathervane ideas

While sitting under your pavilion, you may get the opportunity to see a hummingbird in your garden! Welcome that small bird into your yard with a classic hummingbird weathervane. 

Weathervane Ideas For Houses

You may have a newly constructed house or a home built in the 1900s. Either way, you can add a beautiful custom-made weathervane to your home to increase the style of your roof! Here are the most popular options!

American Flag Weathervane

Flag Weathervane Ideas

 While some may have real versions of the flag flying over the house, an American flag weathervane can show your patriotism and love of where you live!

Pine Trees Weathervane

Pinetrees Blue Verde Weathervane Ideas

 If you live in a neighborhood or out in the middle of nowhere, these pine trees are sure to bring a touch of class to your home!

Golden Retriever Weathervane

Golden Retriever with Arrow Weathervane Ideas

They say a dog is our best friend. Commemorate your favorite dog or your love for animals with this golden retriever weathervane!

Weathervanes Decorative Ideas

For some people, your home decor can feature a weathervane. Whether you want to mount it on a shelf or hang it on the wall, here are the top interior weathervane decor ideas. 

Arrow Weathervane

Arrow Weathervane Ideas

These arrow weathervanes can be perfect for an open wall space or to be positioned on a shelf. The copper color and slim nature of the arrow make the best decor!

Golfer Weathervane

Golfer Weathervane Ideas

 Whether for an office or a basement man cave, the golfer weathervane can be just the right decor piece you need.

Pineapple Weathervane

Pineapple Weathervane Ideas

At home in a kitchen setting, the pineapple weathervane can be a fun weathervane idea to decorate the main room where you create all the meals.

Stained Glass Moon Weathervane

Stained Glass Moon Weathervane Ideas

This beautiful stained glass weathervane helps bring together a room. Place it in a space where it can get sunlight to see how it lights up your room!

Most Popular Weathervanes

Here are some of our most popular weathervanes you can choose to put on any structure!

Galloping Horse Weathervanes

580P Horse Polished weathervane ideas
Horse weathervane ideas 1
Jumping Horse and Rider Weathervane Ideas

Bald Eagle Weathervanes

American Bald Eagle Weathervane Ideas
Hawk Weathervane Ideas
American Eagle Weathervane Ideas

Arrow Weathervanes

Arrow Weathervane Ideas
Victorian Arrow Weathervane Ideas
A Mermaid with Star and Arrow polished with Golden Leaf weathervane ideas

Weathervanes from Cupolas n More

We offer quality weathervanes with various designs and styles, from sea creatures to land animals, that will last you years with minimal maintenance. Any of these weathervanes would add a stylish look to your home, garage, barn, or shed. If you want other ideas, check out this Pinterest board! Browse our shop today!