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Properly Sizing Your Cupola for the Perfect Fit

It is no secret that some of the most enchanting and standout buildings stick out predominately because of the charming addition of a cupola atop their roof. Thanks to their irresistible charm, the cupola craze has drawn you in and now you are wondering a common and sensible question…I want a cupola, but how do I properly size my cupola with the lucky building upon which it will sit?

So, whether that lucky building is a storage shed, garage, barn, or even your house, partner with the following information to bring your properly sized cupola home! (See our page “How to Increase Your Property Value with Beautiful Cupola Designs”).

The Perfect Size Requires Intentional Planning

The word “planning” has the potential to raise your blood pressure immediately. Thankfully, you are about to be empowered, so do not let the stress of planning get in the way. Let’s do this!

cupola sizing for a garage

Sizing Matters Big Time

While, a properly sized cupola for sale has more planning behind it than you may have thought, it won’t take very long to nail down. The fact is, for your building to look its absolute best sporting a cupola, you will want to avoid choosing one that is either too small or too large. If it is too small, the cupola loses its aesthetic power or if it is too large its steals from the symmetry of your building.

 A Formula to Go By

Therefore, a good rule of thumb to go by is, for every foot of building width you should have at least 1.25 inches of cupola. This means if your building is 12 feet wide your cupola should be at least 15 inches wide. (1.25×12=15).

Visual Gazebo and Shed Sizing Guide

A shed or gazebo isn’t complete without a cupola. If you’re looking to upgrade your shed or gazebo, here’s a visual guide that gives you the proper size of your cupola based on the size of your structure.

properly sized cupola for a gazebo 24
properly sized cupola for a gazebo 18
properly sized cupola for a gazebo 36

Visual Garage Cupola Sizing Guide

Upgrade the look of your garage with a cupola. This handy visual guide will help you get the proper cupola for you garage.

cupola sizing for a garage 1
cupola sizing for a garage 2
cupola sizing for a garage 3

Visual House Cupola Sizing Guide

To complete the look of your home, a cupola could be just what you need, but only if you size it properly. Here’s a quick visual guide so you can choose the proper house cupola size.

properly sized cupola for a house 36
properly sized cupola for a house 42
properly sized cupola for a house 48

Trustworthy Formula or Money Maker in Disguise?

As you research across the web for cupola sizing advice, you may come across some blogs sharing sarcasm about the above formula. They say that this formula was created simply to sell larger cupolas. We believe that it is smart to consider that your cupola will look much smaller on the roof than it does out of the box. In our opinion, it is better to err on the side of a larger cupola than a smaller one, otherwise a cupola loses its charming purpose.

Of course, everyone has a personal taste, so at the end of the day, the most important size is one that will delight your eyes.

cupola sizing on shed

Avoid This Hasty Evaluation Mistake

One mistake to avoid is trying to choose a cupola size from the ground. Ground level evaluations often leave people erring on the side of too small rather than too big. Once the cupola is installed atop the roof, it will appear much smaller. A handy tip (and alternative to the formula route) would be to place a carboard box of the desired size of your cupola on the roof. Then step back and see how it looks.

One Cupola or More? How to Size Multiple Cupolas

Perhaps you have a long building and want to visualize how it would look with more than one cupola. www.hansenpolebuildings.com has a few ideas for determining whether to put one or more properly sized cupolas on your roof.

If your building can handle it, why not!? Cupolas are stunning charmers, the more the merrier!

Cupola Sizing Chart

cupola sizing chart
cupola sizing chart 1

How High Should I Size My Cupola?

Thankfully, you do not need to agonize over the width and the height of your cupola. Once you choose a width, the height merges perfectly together since cupolas height is sized in proportion to its base. So, if you are choosing a cupola to set atop a larger structure, greater width and height combined make quite the fashion statement. Or if you are setting a cupola atop your storage shed, a smaller one will add an equally fashionable, yet more subtle statement.

how to properly size a cupola with weathervane

A Final Touch of Height

If you love height and want to add even more to your perfect cupola size, choose from one of our many beautiful weathervanes for a cherry on top finish!

Meanwhile, enjoy leaving the height of your cupola to your cupola building experts! We got your back and your ideal cupola’s height!

Cupolas N’ More Are Ready to Serve You

Any more questions on how to properly size your cupola? Or any other questions surrounding cupolas, feel free to contact us! Empowering your discovery for a perfect cupola is our mission!

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