Predicting the weather is never an exact science. When it should be warm, it’s cold. When it should be clear, it’s rainy. That has never stopped us from trying though! One of the earliest ways that mankind has tried to understand the weather was through the invention of the weathervane.

The weathervane has been around for thousands of years, giving us the direction that the wind is coming from. The belief that weathervanes point away from the wind is a common misconception. The tail of the weathervane catches the wind and actually uses the arrow, animal, figure, or structure to let us know where the wind is coming from. 

Why Buy A Copper Weathervane?

lighthouse copper weathervane 1

The use of the weathervane is only part of the reason people love them. They have also become iconic visual pieces on the top of structures. Much like you can buy accessories for yourself, a copper weathervane is a beautiful accessory for your home.

 But why choose a copper weathervane over other materials? Here are a few key differences between the 3 main materials to think about as you make your decision about weathervane material. Besides the pros and cons, the main reason for choosing the material that your weathervane is made of deals with your opinion of the look.

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This option is affordable because of the quantity and recyclability of copper. Its look is also very unique in both color and shine. The other important piece is the patina that happens with copper.

metal gcd6437336 1920


Steel is harder than copper but also has the pro of being lightweight. It will stand up in adverse weather conditions and is resistant to rust. Steel has a look that is vastly different from copper and the price can fluctuate depending on the market.

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Brass weathervanes by themselves are hard to find. Normally, since brass doesn’t hold up as well to the elements, it is combined with copper to get a deeper color.

Weathervanes also come in many different shapes and sizes. There are weathervanes out there for hobbies, jobs, animals, plants, flags, figures, weapons, vehicles, places, and more! The creativity of all the different copper weathervanes is part of what makes them all so unique. Available in traditional copper, or blue verde, weathervanes can also make great gifts for family homes!

Popular Types Of Copper Weathervanes

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There is no way we can go through the hundreds, if not thousands, of different weathervanes in existence. But we definitely can go through some popular ones. Get ready, because this is a very long list of some of the favorite copper weathervanes.

rooster copper weathervane

This may be the most iconic weathervane on the market. These vanes can feature the rooster in many different positions as well as many different sizes. The copper rooster wind vanes are available in blue verde as well as traditional.

Rooster Weathervane

arrow copper weathervane

This weathervane forgoes any extras and simply sticks with the ferocity of the arrow. Available in different styles, this copper weathervane is a guaranteed choice by many.

Arrow Weathervane

whale blue verde copper weathervane

The whale weathervane is the first choice of all sea creatures. This vane is beloved because of the beauty reflected in this creature of the deep. Check out the blue verde style for a closer depiction of the real whale!

Whale Weathervane

bal eagle copper weathervane

What better way to accent your home than with the national bird. This wind vane is available with different styles of the famous bird as well as different Eagles.

Eagle Weathervane

flag copper weathervane

This copper weathervane is a great pair for the eagle weathervane. Besides the U.S flag, celebrate your heritage by finding your home country’s flag.

Flag Weathervane

marlin copper weathervane

The two popular styles of fish weathervanes are marlin and bass. Available with and without arrows and with and without lures, these vanes are sure to be a great gift for your favorite fisherman.

Fish Weathervane

plane copper weathervane

The biplane leaves you to reminisce about Orville and Wilbur Wright’s famous first flight. These planes are perfect for those of us fascinated with the sky!

Plane Weathervane

horse copper weathervane

Do you have any horseback riders in your life? One of the most sought-after animal weathervanes, these horses symbolize grace and power.

Horse Weathervane

labrador copper weathervane

The most common dog weathervanes that people love are golden and labrador retrievers. Now, man’s best friend can watch over your home every day!

Dog Weathervane

sailboat copper weathervane

This weathervane reminds us of the hobby that allows you the opportunity to be on the open ocean. Take a trip on your new sailboat copper weathervane which is also available in racing sloops and schooners!

Sailboat Weathervane

angel copper weathervane

Recounting the angel that appeared to the shepherds, this copper vane angel is blowing a trumpet signifying the coming of Jesus!

Angel Weathervane

motorcycle copper weathervane

Being on a bike is nothing short of freedom. Having the open road in front of you for miles on an afternoon ride can be one of the most peaceful times. Commemorate those moments with a classic motorcycle weathervane.

Motorcycle Weathervane

shark copper weathervane

Shark Weathervane

Our final copper weathervane is the terror of the deep sea. Customizable with an arrow or different forms of copper, this menace will prove that sharks can be scary out of the water too!

How Are Copper Weathervanes Made?

If you have ever wondered how these vanes are made, this is a great walkthrough of the process! It all starts with hammering the copper into the form of your choice.

What are Blue Verde Copper Weathervanes?

dolphin blue verde copper weathervane 2

Blue verde copper is simply copper that has patinated. Depending on how the patina occurs on the copper, the shades of color can range from blue to greenish. This look will occur over long periods of time on most untreated copper, but you can skip that process by choosing the blue verde option of weathervanes.

Finalizing Your Decision

small medium large copper weathervanes for sale

When making the choice between weathervane materials, size, and style…remember that your opinion is what matters most. One option may be cheaper or more durable than the other, but you will be looking at this beautiful ornamental topper more than anyone else. 

Weathervanes point to the wind, but allow us the opportunity to become exterior decorators to our property. When it comes to the classic copper weathervane, you cannot go wrong with any of the choices. Browse the options listed above and more today!