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Cupolas offer an element of class that seems to be hard to find today. They are wonderful toppers to any of your outdoor structures…but is there more? It turns out that cupolas do more than just sit and look pretty. They can also help light the darkness of your property!

Whether you want a small shed cupola light or a brighter barn cupola light…cupolas can provide that extra illumination that your property needs. 

Why Light A Cupola?

cupola light on outbuilding

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People usually use cupola lights for 1 of 2 reasons.

  1. Property Illumination
  2. Added Decor

Depending on the size of your property, you may benefit from extra lighting. It can help guide you if you are awake during hours of darkness. It can also help keep your property safe by allowing you to see everything happening in that area. 

You can also choose a cupola light because of the added decor that it brings to your home. Lighting allows your cupola to be seen for all hours of the day and night. It brings a glow to your beautiful work of architecture and helps others see it as well.

How Do You Light Up A Cupola?

The first step in lighting a cupola is to make sure you have a windowed cupola. Unfortunately, if you want your cupola lit, the louvers would block the light from showing. Once you have a windowed cupola, check out the steps below for the best way to add your cupola light. 

  1. Find the light/fixture you would like to place in your cupola
  2. Open the window/top of your cupola
  3. Place the light inside
  4. Close your cupola

The steps may need to be adjusted depending on how your cupola is made and the type of light you choose to purchase. These steps are also for lights that contain their own power. If you need electrical work done, contact a local electrician!

Can You Put A Solar Light In A Cupola?

Yes! You can put a solar-powered light inside your cupola as long as you can get sun to the panel. This is an excellent option for cupolas because you don’t need much maintenance to continue to have the light working. Once you place it where you want it, the sun will continue to give it all of the power it needs.

If you are trying to figure out whether or not your topper is in an excellent place to have a solar cupola light, check out this article. 

Cupola Lighting Ideas

cupola light lantern

If you are trying to decide how exactly you want the cupola light design, these are the six main options that most people utilize!

Cupola Light Bulbs

cupola light bulb

There is actually no brand specifically designed to be in cupolas. The wattage we would recommend is anywhere from 15-60 Watts. LED bulbs will be brighter even with some of the lower wattage options if you want a sharper option. 

Cupola Light And Ventilation

While some cupolas are all for show, you can now purchase a windowed cupola for light or a louvered cupola for ventilation. To learn more about ventilation and cupolas, check out our article! Cupolas can also be used for natural light as well. Whether windowed or louvered, your cupola can bring the sun’s light into your structure just like a skylight!

Cupola Path Lights

lamp post cupola light

These types of lights are actually a little different than the traditional cupola that crown other structures. These types of lights take the shape of the classic cupola and turn them into actual lamp posts that can line your property. They can pair together well with building cupolas but are not quite the same thing. 

Cupola Lighting From The Ground

cupola spotlight

The other option for seeing your cupola in the dark is to light it from the ground. This option gives you the choice of having a louvered cupola too! A spotlight that shines on your cupola not only illuminates your property, but it also shows off your cupola too! If you choose a copper cupola roof, it will really animate your topper!

Our Windowed Cupolas

windowed cupola light

These windowed cupolas can be the perfect option to light up your roof. With different options in roof and size, we have cupolas for everyone. You can also check out our louvered cupolas if you just want to light it via spotlight. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out, and we will help you brighten up your home! Happy Hunting!