The fact that you own a barn, attests to your years of hard work and investment. It is no secret that barns stand proudly as a testament to their owner’s strength and perseverance. So why not allow your barn to stand a little bit taller and prouder by installing a beautiful barn cupola to its rooftop? Not only will a cupola add a heightened architectural grace to your barn, but it will also freshen its design and interior atmosphere.

Hold that thought! However, you may be imagining a cupola atop your barn is exactly how you can have it!  You have the power to pick the materials, color, and style you feel would complement or enhance your barn’s aesthetic value.

Barn Cupolas for Your Barn in PA, MD, DE

Imagine Your Barn with a Cupola

There was a time when American farmers or barn owners could not imagine their barns with cupolas. Cupola’s history began in the Middle East during the 8th century and as it’s architectural popularity grew it spread to India, Russia, Spain, Europe, and then finally crossed the ocean to America in the late 1700s. Cupolas are famous worldwide for their artistic and creative architectural status, but also for their incredible practicality and functionality. Particularly, farmers and owners of barns found the invention of cupolas to be the solution to a couple of very real problems.

First, in attempt to reduce the amount of feed required to keep animals warm during the winter, barns in early days were built tightly to reduce drafts. Tightly built barns during the winter created not only stagnant air flow, but the build-up of moisture. This moisture built-up created problems with the manure, which led to barn damage. Second, wet hay from the moisture build-up presented a fire hazard as hay fermentation led to dangerous heat levels.

Both these problems were resolved once farmers installed cupolas over an opening left in the top of their barn. This centrally located opening offered excellent ventilation as the solution. Over the years barn cupolas evolved from more simple, wooden, boxlike structures originally used by farmers, to more ornate and beautiful structures made of vinyl, wood, and copper. 21st century farmers and barn owners truly have the best of both worlds when it comes to their cupolas. Present day cupolas are sold intact with their functionality and practicality while at the same time displaying grace and beauty.

Now since you can imagine your barn with a cupola you are closer than ever to owning one.  Not every barn is created equal and not every barn cupola is created equal either. When you invest in the beauty of your barn, you invest in the value of your property. There’s just something about a barn with a cupola that undeniably sets it apart from the rest.

Discovering the right cupola for your barn, can be as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Simply find the perfect cupola fit in our store and once you made your choice, we will ship the cupola to your preferred location. Once it arrives, you can install your cupola with our instructional video!

Popular Barn Cupolas

Whether you’re looking for a functional or decorative barn cupola, we can ensure you that either will add that beautifying and set apart touch to your barn. We believe that your barn deserves to be crowned with the best! And we know how important it is to choose a cupola that fits your barn’s exterior profile to the tee. Take an enjoyable peek at a few of our popular barn rooftop cupolas which are available from 30 inches to 60 inches. Keep in mind that you are not limited by these cupola options, but rather we hope they inspire you in making the final decision of your own personal cupola’s style and color.

Barn Cupola Q and A

What size should my Barn Cupola be?

In order to size your cupola accurately, the size of your barn must be taken into consideration. The size of your cupola and barn go hand in hand. As a rule of thumb, measure the length of your building in feet and then multiply by 1.5 to get the appropriate cupola length in inches. This mathematical procedure will give you a general idea of the approximate inches to size your cupola. For example, a 24-foot barn will require a 36-inch cupola whereas a 32-foot barn will require a 48-inch cupola. You’re welcomed to contact us for more details or with any other questions regarding the size of your cupola.

How difficult is a Barn Cupola to Install?

When it comes to installation, there are two types of cupolas; decorative and functional. The installation difficulty level will depend upon which type of cupola you are adding to your barn. If you are strictly desiring a cupola to add a regal look to your barn then the process is quite straightforward and relatively simple. However, if you are desiring to invest in a functional cupola to create ventilation for your barn’s interior, there are a few more steps required. This architectural info article will give you a quick overview of the extra steps required for installing a functional cupola. In short, a functional cupola requires cutting a hole in your roof whereas a decorative cupola can be secured directly to the roof.

Are your Barn Cupolas Really Made by the Amish?

This is a fair question, especially if you encountered a counterfeit Amish-run company in the past. Truth be told, not all “Amish” businesses are truly Amish. Which means not all “Amish” crafted woodwork or carpentry is legitimately Amish made. But here at Cupolas n More, our cupolas are handcrafted by real Amish in Lancaster County, Pa, and are delivered right to your doorstep all over the USA and Canada. Our Amish craftsmen are experts at what they do with years of experience under their belts. Take note that our Amish craftsmen custom assemble your cupolas by hand before they are delivered right to your doorstep.

Add a Weathervane to Your Barn Cupola