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What Is A Wind Vane?

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A wind vane is an instrument that allows us to see the direction of the wind. It is also known as a vane, weathervane, wind vane, wing gauge, and weathercock.

Is A Wind Vane Different From A Weathervane?

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Not in any way! There are just so many popular names for these contraptions that it can get confusing. As long as you are looking for a device that shows wind direction, you are looking for a wind vane and weathervane.

What Uses Does A Wind Vane Have?

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A wind vane can be used to understand wind direction and as a decoration piece. Wind vanes that come with an arrow generally show the direction of the wind, while any vane without an arrow is mainly used for decoration. There are particular animal or item wind vanes that can also be used to determine wind direction.

How Does A Wind Vane Work?

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A wind vane has an arrow that points towards the direction of the wind. The arrow’s tail has a larger surface area that catches the wind and positions itself opposite the direction the wind is coming from. This means that the front of the arrow will be pointing directly towards the wind. Is the arrow pointing west? Then there is a west wind blowing!

Where Should Your Wind Vane Be Placed?

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You can place a wind vane anywhere you want if you are just using it for decor. If you genuinely want to know the direction of the wind, it needs to be placed higher than anything else in the surrounding area. It may not be as accurate if you have tall trees close to your home. 

If you are in a bit of a valley, you should still be able to get a reading. The main focus is just to make sure there are no close obstructions. Rooftops of homes, sheds, garages, barns or any other structure are all very common placements.

What Are The Most Popular Wind Vane Styles?

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What Are The Different Sizes Of Wind Vanes?

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There seem to be three main sizes of wind vanes. Small, medium, and large. They may have different names (shed, home, barn/cottage, standard, estate), but you can find these sizes in most places. 

Small sizes include lengths of 28”-32”. Medium sizes include lengths of 33”-37”. Large sizes include lengths of 37”-41”.

Will A Wind Vane Attract Lightning?

A wind vane will not attract lightning in 99% of cases. This is because it is not attached to a grounded system; therefore, it will not attract these electrical impulses. Remember those old TV antennas that looked like a metallic tree? Wind vanes attract even less lightning than these!

How Much Does A Wind Vane Cost?

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A cheap wind vane can cost anywhere from $50-100 dollars. These vanes are likely not made of copper and may not hold up over time. Durable, high-quality wind vanes are generally between $175 and $350. The larger and more intricate the design, the more expensive your wind vane will be.

How Do You Maintain A Wind Vane?

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If you do not want your copper to turn any different colors, a simple concoction of vinegar and salt will help restore its natural shine. Rubbing this mixture on the weathervane with a rag and then rinsing it off with water will help you keep your vane clean! You can do this 1-2 times a year unless you are very particular about it. Then you can do it as much as you want!

What Are The Disadvantages Of A Wind Vane?

Wind vanes cannot predict the weather. They cannot tell us of future precipitation, wind speed, temperature, or humidity. There are many other pieces of equipment that have these jobs. Wind vanes can also not be as reliable if there is a powerful wind or different obstructions near them.

How Do You Assemble A Wind Vane?

If you have never assembled a wind vane before, here is a quick video about ours. Other wind vanes may be different or give you the option of ordering them completely put together.

Who Invented Wind Vanes?

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A Greek astronomer named Andronicus invented a wind vane almost 2100 years ago! It rested on the tower of the winds in Athens, Greece. It was created to depict the god Triton who was the son of Poseidon.

What Is A Wind Indicator?

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Wind indicators seem to have two definitions. The first is a large weathervane used to determine wind direction at airports. The second is a small weathervane that shows wind direction on a sailboat. The wind indicators for sailboats help guide and steer the ship and show the wind.

How Do I Make My Own Wind Vane?

Are you looking to make a wind vane at home? Follow the directions in this video to make your very own functional weathervane!

Where Can I Buy A Wind Vane?

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You can buy a weathervane at most online shopping stores. Places like Amazon and Home Depot always have some in stock. There are also other smaller stores that feature well-crafted weathervanes. Good Direction weathervanes are designed in America and are all handcrafted to be durable and strong!

We would be happy to assist you in the purchase of your very own wind vane. If you have any questions, please contact us! Feel free to browse our copper weathervanes page and have a great time picking your favorite one!

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