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Discover our Unique 30 Inch Cupolas

We offer different styles and varieties of cupolas, ensuring that your cupola is the perfect design for your structure and style. In addition to selecting the size of your cupola, you have the choice to select between roof materials, windows or louvers, and colors.

All of our cupolas are constructed with care from the highest quality PVC vinyl and finished off with stainless steel screws. This is how we consistently deliver long-lasting and maintenance-free cupolas.

In addition to the high-quality construction, each of our 30 inch cupolas are manufactured large enough to accommodate up to a 12 pitch roof, with a 3-inch clearance.

Roof Options

Our 30 inch wide base cupolas are built with your choice of either aluminum or copper. Colors can be selected too, to better match your house or a barn. Choose what suits you best from our unique options.

custom garage cupola

Why Aluminum is a Great Choice for Your Cupola

Let’s start from the top, we design and build our cupola roofs with high quality aluminum material. They are extremely durable compared to other materials. Aluminum in general is impact resistant. Longevity is a vital part of the material — hence it doesn’t rot. Aluminum also makes the installation easier because it’s so lightweight.

Aluminum Roof Cupola Options

For aluminum roof cupolas—there are two different styles that we offer for 30 inch wide base cupolas. One of the designs comes with louvers and the other with windows. You choose what suits your home style the best.

For our cupolas that come with windows, you can also order with hinges—providing easier access. On the other hand, our Cupolas with louvers is great addition as well, providing a rich and classy look.

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Aluminum Roof Cupola w/ Louvers

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Aluminum Roof Cupola / Windows

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Why Copper is a Great Choice for Your Cupola

Another material we utilize for cupola roofing is copper. Copper comes with many great benefits—the primary appeal is the bright shiny appearance. Like aluminum, it lasts long time and is maintenance free. The unique color of our copper roof cupola adds priceless value to any garage, house or barn roof top.


Copper Roof Cupola Options

Another great feature of our copper-roof cupolas is the choice between a straight or concave roof style. The concave roof is completely unique to the copper material compared to aluminum. If you like the fancy “high-top” look of a concave roof, you’ll definitely want to choose copper.

At Cupolas N More we provide different style copper roof tops. Your specially selected Vinyl Cupola will also offer windows or louvers. You can have it to your liking. We can build straight copper roof with louvers or windows. Another distinctive style is offered with Concave Copper Roof, which also can be selected with louvers or windows.

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Concave Copper Roof Cupola w/ Louvers

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custom 30 inch cupolas near Lancaster Pa

Concave Copper Roof Cupola / Windows

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Copper Roof Cupola w/ Louvers

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Copper Roof Cupola / Windows

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Beautify your property with our High Quality Cupolas

Our 30inch width at the base cupolas come with pre-drilled ¾ weathervane holes. We also offer unique weathervanes that make you cupola stand out even more. Important to note is that roof of the cupola is 5 inches wider that the 30 inch base width. To be clear, it will stand 35 inches wide.

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Huge Value For a Small Investment

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There are many reason to order our beautiful and distinctive 30 inch cupolas, value is one of them. Differentiate your house, shed, or barn with this beautiful ornamental structure. Take the time to carefully pick the cupola that you’d like to see on your property, and we’ll get it made according to your specs. What works for you—works for us. Customer satisfaction is our goal and we stay on top of it.

Unsure which cupola suits you best? We’ll help you pick the right one. Send us a photo of where the cupola will be installed. Don’t be limited to one style, explore Cupolas N More for many great options.

You’ll be excited to show your friends and family what you’ve accomplished after you install your new 30 inch cupola! Let us put a roof over your head!

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