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Buy a cupola shouldn’t be complicated. It should be as simple as 1, 2, 3… We do our best to make it that simple. Our store is designed to bring you the best of Lancaster County Cupolas in a smooth and efficient way as possible. Here are the three steps to getting the cupola of your dreams!

Shop the Store and Find Your Favorite Cupola

First things first. You have to decide what kind of cupola you want and where are you going to place it? Is it a house, horse barn, shed, garage, pole barn, or a barn cupola. But you want the cupola to be your own so you get to choose various options. Do you want

  • Windows or Louvers
  • Copper or Painted Roof
  • Wood or Vinyl
  • A 24”, 30”, 36”, 40” or larger
  • A Weathervane of Choice

You can customize all of this in our store filled with cupolas brought to you from Lancaster County, PA!

lancaster county cupolas

We Manufacture the Cupola in Lancaster County PA

After we have your cupola order, we get your cupola order into the schedule. Before long our Amish craftsman are working carefully to assemble your cupola so that it lasts a lifetime. You can even get a specific size cupola for your building!

Keep in mind that lead time is typically 2 to 4 weeks but as soon as possible your cupola will be on its way to you. It will be shipped directly to your door step so you can take the next steps.

Install Your Lancaster County Cupola

Here we must be clear. Our cupolas are easy to install on your own. But you must take every precaution to ensure your own safety. If the roof is steeper than a 4/12 pitch, you may want to consider hiring a contractor or a lift to help get the job done.

When your cupola and weathervane are installed, you get to enjoy them for years to come!

house cupola lancaster county
cupola for barn lancaster county