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Here are some tips on how to install a cupola. If you’re not an experienced carpenter, the angles you will need to deal with when installing a cupola can be confusing. We will do our best to provide you with the knowledge you need to install a cupola on a pitched roof.

How To Install a Cupola, Seven Easy Steps

Measure Your Roof Pitch

How intall a cupola step 1

First, get a sturdy ladder to begin installing your cupola. There’s a great video on installing a cupola on a pitched roof. All you need are two boards and a screw. Place the screw in the center of the board to form an X shape. The pattern over the ridgeline and mark the angle on the top side of the board. You now know your roof pitch!

Mark The Cupola Base

How intall a cupola step 2

Once you know your roof pitch, it’s time to mark the cupola base! First, mark the center of the side of your cupola. Put your pitch pattern on the side of the base. Place the pattern high enough so the cut will start at the very end of the sideboard. Make sure the pattern is centered by using the center mark.

Cut Carefully

How intall a cupola step 3

If you followed the video instructions, you should have the correct angle of your pitched roof, and the cut on your base should be perfect. As my Dad said, be careful you don’t cut twice and still be short! Before the next step, take the cupola base to your roof and verify the angle fitment and level.

Prepare Your Roof

How intall a cupola step 4

You must attach four two-by-fours to the roof to secure the cupola base. Attach these boards to the roof using large lag screws. Apply a generous amount of caulk to the bottom side of the boards.

Install the Cupola Base

How intall a cupola step 5

Carefully take the base of your cupola up to the top of your roof. Fasten the base to the two-by-fours that you installed in the previous step. Screw the bottom to the two-by-fours to secure it to the roof. Apply waterproof caulk to the angled sides of the base.

Install the Cupola Midsection

How intall a cupola step 6

Most midsections have predrilled holes that are easily put in the proper place on the base and screwed fast. Suppose your cupola does not have predrilled holes. In that case, it’s a good idea to predrill your own after carefully placing the midsection correctly. You’re well on your way to having your cupola installed on your pitched roof!

Install the Cupola Roof

Install a Cupola 7

Once again, most cupola roofs have predrilled holes, so there can be no mistake about how to fasten the roof to the midsection. Unless you want to add a weathervane, this is the last step to installing your cupola on your pitched roof.

Installing a cupola, especially on a pitched roof, is no easy task. However, now you have the knowledge needed to tackle this task easily! With these DIY tips, look at all we offer regarding cupolas. Check out our blog on How to Properly Size a Cupola. Have fun topping off your roof!