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If you are looking for the best toppers for your roof, you can find nothing better than roof finials. The best part about finials is that they can sit on top of other crowns to your structures. What we mean is you can put a finial on a cupola, peak, or other structure on your building. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and reasoning behind these pointy and high pieces of architecture. 

What Is A Roof Finial Used For?

A roof finial is used mainly as a roof ornament. These copper finials add a level of architecture and class to your structures. The finial not only creates another attention grabber for your roof but also accents whatever it is attached to, such as a cupola! 

Copper Finials For Cupolas

A copper finial is a perfect addition to a cupola in any setting. You can get copper finials for your garage cupola, home cupola, shed cupola, and more. As the finial sits on top of your cupola, it attracts eyes to itself and the cupola below. The copper finials are especially perfect for any copper roof cupolas! The match between the two is ideal. 

What Are Cupola Roof Finials For?

A cupola roof finial is specifically designed to be used for an accent. They do not cause any harm or create anything more for your cupola than an added visual bonus. 

The only slightly different use for a cupola roof finial comes when that finial is on an important building. A church, historical, governmental, or another type of building could use a finial as a status symbol or as a sign of a religious organization. Since finials have been around for a long time, you may see them on older-style buildings in cities!

How Do You Install A Roof Finial?

You can install a finial on a slate roof by watching this video:

If you are installing a finial on a roof cupola, it should be installed the same way that a weathervane would be. There will be a precut hole in the roof of your cupola to place and secure your roof finial!

How Tall Are Roof Finials?

copper cupola roof finials

Roof finials can range from 6 inches to a few feet in height! If you have a standard-size cupola, we don’t recommend getting a 2-foot finial, however. We recommend a roof finial that is ½ the height of your cupola. That way, there is no added stress or structural damage to your great architectural topper. 

Do Roof Finials Attract Lightning?

Roof finials do not attract lightning. The same question can be asked about cupolas with their copper roofs. But neither of these elements are likely to get struck by lightning. So there is no need to worry!

According to weather.gov, “Myth: Structures with metal, or metal on the body, attract lightning.” They go on to say that if this statement were true, why are mountains the objects most struck by lightning?

DIY: How To Make A Roof Finial

Since roof finials are made of copper or other metallic materials, it is hard to make them at home. Check out this video if you are interested in how they are made!

Roof Finial Caps

A cupola roof finial cap can be a few different things depending on where in the world you live. Here is what someone could be talking about when they mention these caps.

Cupola Roof Finial Placements

finial on a cupola

There are many different places you can put your roof finial. There are also various places you can put your cupola! Here are some of our favorite spots to put your finial and your cupola. 

Roof Finial Materials

Roof Finial Sizes

Roof finials generally come in three standard sizes:

Roof Finial Conclusion

If you are looking for the perfect cupola to go along with your roof finial or have questions about this topic at all, we would be happy to help! Contact us today to learn more and find the best toppers for your structures.