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The excitement of getting your chicken coop delivered to your backyard can hardly be surpassed, but the addition of a small chicken coop cupola with a matching weathervane could be a runner-up! Find your coop cupola at Cupola’s n More where you can choose between a louvered cupola or a chicken coop cupola with windows. Plus, there are choices of roof colors to match your chicken coop and much more!

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The Finishing Touch to your Chicken Coop

A cupola on a chicken coop can accomplish two things. First, it adds that finishing touch to your chicken coop that will make you smile again and again. But a cupola on a chicken coop can also provide ventilation to your coop.

If you are looking for ventilation in your chicken coop, choose from our louvered cupolas and if the added touch is what you’re after, you may consider a cupola with windows.

Popular Chicken Coop Cupolas

Find a selection of chicken coop cupolas below. You will find choices such as wooden cupolas, vinyl cupolas, white pine cupolas, and even cedar wooden cupolas for your backyard chicken coop.

Chicken Coop Cupola Q and A

What size should my Chicken Coop Cupola be?

Since most chicken coops are small, you should probably consider buying a small chicken coop cupola to match. However, it does depend on the actual size of your coop. Our smallest louvered cupolas are 15″ at the base and our smallest window cupolas measure in at 18″.

Do you have Directions to Install a Chicken Coop Cupola?

Installing a cupola on your coop can be done by simply cutting the angle to match your chicken coop roof and then simply fastening the cupola following our directions on the How to Install a Cupola page. However, if you wish to add ventilation to your coop, then be sure to buy a cupola with louvers and then take the additional step to cut a hole in the roof before installing the unit. Make sure the hole you cut is smaller than the cupola!

Are your Cupolas Really Made by the Amish?

Well, that was a clever question! Truth be told, our cupolas for sale are made by real Amish in Lancaster County, PA and are delivered right to your doorstep all over the USA and Canada.

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Chicken Coop Cupola Choices

When it comes to finishing your chicken coop with a cupola, there are many options to choose from. You can customize your chicken coop cupola right here on our website!

Start by choosing a small wooden or vinyl chicken coop. Next, consider the roofing material you want on the coop. We offer a painted aluminum roof cupola or copper-roofed cupolas for your hen house. You might also consider ventilating your chicken coop with a cupola. If you do wish to do so, the best choice would be a louvered cupola. Otherwise, a windowed cupola will add plenty of splash to the top of your chicken coop.

Last, but not Least: Add a Weathervane to Your Chicken Coop Cupola

Now you come to the end of your search where you can choose a weathervane for your chicken coop. Please be advised that the copper cupolas in our store are most suitable for a larger chicken coop. If you are purchasing a small cupola for a chicken coop, then the weathervanes in our store are probably not best suited for this. However, if you have a larger chicken coop and would like to add a copper weathervane, you will find them below.

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