Cedar Cupola with Louvers and Straight Copper Roof


  • Cedar Cupola with Straight Copper Roof
  • Base is large enough for 10 pitch cutout, plus a 2″ clearance
  • Width of the cupola roof is 5″ wider than base width
  • Large enough for a 10 Pitch Roof plus a 4″- 5″ clearance
  • All exterior screws are stainless steel
  • Made out of solid cedar wood
  • Base sizes available, 20” 24”, 28”, 32”, 36”, 42”, 48”


Interior Screening

Extended base for 12/12 pitch roof

Patina Copper Roof

Patina gives an “Old Fashion/Worn” look to the cupolas roof.

Copper Roof Clear Coating

Keep the copper on your cupola and weathervane looking bright and shiny. Requires an annual application.