Vinyl, Copper, Roof, Gazebo and Barn Cupolas

Add beauty and charm to your shed, garage or barn with a quality roof cupola, barn cupola, vinyl cupola, copper cupola, or gazebo cupola. We offer a variety of styles and sizes to fit almost any building. For an extra touch of beauty add a weathervane to your roof cupola. All our vinyl cupolas, barn cupolas, and copper cupolas come ready to install standard weathervanes.

Not sure what to choose? See our guide to help you choose the best size barn, vinyl, copper, and gazebo cupola for your needs.

Small Vinyl Cupolas

Small Cupolas

Medium Copper Cupolas

Medium Cupolas

Large Barn Cupolas

Large Cupolas

Hexagon Roof Cupolas

Hexagon Cupolas

Wood Gazebo Cupolas

Wood Cupolas

Weathervanes For A Cupola


Styles & Sizes


There are many styles of gazebo, roof and barn cupolas to choose from. They come in a square hexagon base. They can have louvers or windows. They can be made of wood or vinyl.


We have divided our products first by size. We find that our customers find it simpler to use the size as a starting point for their search.
  • 20-30 inches high
  • 33-70 inches high
  • Up to 85 inches high
Square Base w/Louvers
Square Base
w/ Louvers
Hexagon Base w/ Windows
Hexagon Base
w/ Windows


You can select from a variety of materials. We have found that our customers select a material based on the style of building that will go on.

Vinyl Cupola

Vinyl cupolas are very durable and maintenance free. They look perfect on the roof of your vinyl sided barn, shed, garage or gazebo.

Wood Cupola

Wood cupolas offer that natural look. One of the advantages is that they can be stained or painted to match the look of your structure.

Copper Cupola

The copper roof cupolas give your shed, gazebo, barn or garage a very distinct look. The copper can be left shinny or we can put a patina on the copper roof. If you would like your roof to remain the bright copper color we have a product that can be applied each year to keep the patina from occurring.


We have seen our customers put their cupola on many types of buildings and roofs. Some of the most common are: Barns  •  Sheds  •  Gazebos  •  Garages  •  Homes  •  Cabins

No matter what building you put your cupola on, we know that you will love the quality and design of your Cupolas n' More product. We look forward to helping you.

Our vinyl cupolas, barn cupolas, roof cupolas and copper cupolas are solidly constructed out of the finest vinyl, wood, and copper materials. Cupolas are a great way to accent your barn, gazebo, or the roof of your house.
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