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Our wood cupolas are made of high-quality materials that will last for years with little maintenance. We offer a variety of wood cupola designs and sizes to add a unique touch to the roof of your shed, garage, barn, or house to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Wood cupolas are also excellent for ventilation, allowing fresh air to enter your structure and keeping it cool in the summer. Our wood cupolas provide a classic traditional look, and we can customize them with different colors and shingles to match your rooftop.

2 Styles Of Wood Cupolas

Louvered wood cupolas are a stylish way to improve the appearance of your building. Bring style to your roof with our louvered wood cupolas, which provide excellent ventilation while keeping your structure coo in the hot monthsl. Our wood louvered cupolas are constructed with high-quality wood slats that enable fresh air while protecting your interior from moisture and rot.

Windowed cupolas function as a ventilation option as well, but also bring in the light from the outdoors. This stylish option for a roof topper also comes with different size, color, and roofing options. Did you know you can also place a light inside your cupola to provide another aethetically pleasing element to your outdoor structure?

Popular Wood Cupolas

Browse our selection of wood cupolas to find the best crown for your structure. Available in Pine and Cedar, these wooden cupolas are ready to be shipped and installed on your shed, garage, pavilion, home, or anywhere else!

square wood cupola with louvers and concave copper roof

What Are The Benefits Of Wood Cupolas?

Wooden cupolas ofter a classic look as a topper over vinyl. The natural, beautiful wooden cupolas reflect a simpler time and give your building the earth-tone vibe that is very sought after. Here are some more benefits of wooden cupolas.

  • Easy to maintain
  • Long lifespan
  • Customization options
  • Affordable 
  • Durable
  • Ventilation options
  • 2 kinds of wood
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square wood cupola with windows and concave copper roof

How to Size A Wood Cupola For A Roof

Following this simple formula will help in the beginning process of sizing a cupola for your building. Take the length of your building and multiply it by 1.25. So if your shed is 12ft long, you would do (12*1.25=15”). So, you would want a 15” cupola. This is a good way to find the size area you should look into. If your cupola is a few inches smaller or larger in width, it will be okay!

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small cupola for a shed

How Much Does A Wood Cupola Cost?

A wood cupola can cost anywhere from $318-$2,450. The range in price is determined by size, add-ons, and choosing between louvers and windows.

Wood Cupolas

Add A Weathervane

Add a finishing touch to your wood cupola. Weathervanes come in various sizes and styles, including horse weathervanes, boat weathervanes, heron weathervanes, and many others. We have 100+ weathervanes in multiple sizes and designs. Browse through them today.

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