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wooden louvered cupolas

If you have found yourself in this article, you may have some idea about what louvered cupolas are, why they are needed, and how they can bring an added level of attraction to your structure. Let’s start with the most basic question of what louvered cupolas actually are.

What Are Louvered Cupolas?

tall louvered cupolas

Louvered cupolas have slats with space for air to move in and out. This is perfect for venting and airing out your structure. 

Some cupolas have windows, and some are entirely open…which separates the louvered style into its own category. 

Are Louvered Cupolas Worth It?

home louvered cupolas

Louvered cupolas are worth it if you are in need of something to vent a structure. Most windowed cupolas don’t actually open, and an “open” cupola provides too much ventilation to where your structure won’t be able to be heated or cooled. 

These cupolas provide a strategic way to get the perfect amount of ventilation while not compromising the temperature of your building. 

How Do Louvered Cupolas Work?

house wooden louvered cupolas

Louvered cupolas are attached to the roof of your building and, when properly installed, can be fully functional. Here is how to install a functional louvered cupola. 

Louvered Cupola Uses

shed louvered cupolas

You can use louvered cupolas on so many different structures! The uses will be the same for each of the structures; Venting + Visual. 

Louvered Cupolas For Sheds

Sheds can be used as workshops or woodshops and thus need a venting option. A louvered cupola looks great on a shed and is a functional way to stay safe while working. 

Louvered Cupolas For Gazebos

A gazebo may not need a cupola for venting, but you can use a cupola for an added aesthetically pleasing view! 

Louvered Cupolas For Pavilions

pavilion louvered cupolas

Since a pavilion has a solid roof, a cupola can still be used to vent this structure. While the sides of a pavilion are open, if you are grilling, the roof will still need to be ventilated. There will need to be a place for the smoke to go. 

Louvered Cupolas For Pergolas

Since pergolas have slatted roofs, a cupola can be used as a design feature on your backyard pergolas.

Louvered Cupolas For Garages

Whether garages are used as workshops or just to hold cars, they need to be ventilated well. If your car is running or you are putting any kind of fumes into your garage, getting those fumes to the outdoors is imperative. 

How Much Do Louvered Cupolas Cost?

garage louvered cupolas

Louvered cupolas can cost anywhere from $395-$2,450. The cost fluctuates depending on the size and material of the cupola. You also will have the option for additions to your cupola as well. 

Louvered Cupolas vs Windowed Cupolas

louvered cupolas on horse barns

Louvered cupolas and windowed cupolas can be very similar if they both have the option of ventilation. If they don’t, then windowed cupolas are much better for allowing natural light inside the building. 

Louvered Cupola Materials

small louvered cupola for a shed

The two main materials for louvered cupolas are vinyl and wood. Vinyl cupolas with louvers are seen more today on homes that have similar siding. Wooden louvered cupolas are often seen on older homes, barns, and garages! To find out more about which style is best for you, check out the looks of both vinyl and wood cupolas!

Common Louvered Cupolas Sizes

garage louvered cupolas for sale

Here are the standard base sizes for louvered cupolas.

The size of your louvered cupola should be decided based on your roof pitch!

Disadvantages Of Louvered Cupolas

garage louvered cupolas

The main disadvantage of a louvered cupola is the inability to seal the louvers. You will need to have an additional component if you set up a functional louvered cupola and then need to close it off for any reason.

The second disadvantage is the amount of natural light that the louvered cupola brings in. If you are looking for something to function like a window on a home that can provide air and light, you may need to think of another option. 

Our Louvered Cupolas

3 car garage with louvered cupolas

We have multiple styles and types of louvered cupolas in our stock right now. You have the ability to customize these cupolas to fit your structure and your desire. Choose from the louvered section on our website and begin building the perfect topper for your building today!