Small Square Vinyl Cupola with Louvers and Straight Copper Roof

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  • Copper roof
  • Base large enough for 8 pitch cutout
  • Flared style base
  • Width of cupola roof is 2” wider than base width
  • Built with maintenance free vinyl PVC


Optional 3/4″ Weathervane Hole

Interior Screening

Patina Copper Roof

Patina gives an “Old Fashion/Worn” look to the cupolas roof.

Copper Roof Clear Coating

Keep the copper on your cupola and weathervane looking bright and shiny. Requires an annual application.

If you are looking for a small cupola for a chicken coop or a storage shed cupola, this might be your lucky day! Buy this cupola and you’ll get a square, white vinyl cupola is made with a base deep enough for an eight-pitch roof cutout. This copper-roofed cupola incorporates louvers that are great for allowing air to move in and out when combined with a hole in the roof to accommodate for ventilation. Find out how to install this cupola by visiting our cupola install guide.

Best of all, this small cupola and is topped off with a polished copper top roof that will add the finishing touch you want to your building.

The copper roof cupola can be purchased in four sizes, 15″, 18″, 21″, 24″ as well as a 30-inch cupola most commonly used on sheds, barns, or chicken coops. And if you really want that final distinguished look, search through dozens of copper weathervane options right here in our online store or just choose the popular rooster weathervane and make it easy!

Not sure if this cupola will be the perfect fit for your building? Check out our Cupolas Sizing Guide to find the ideal size for your building.