Square White Pine Cupola with Louvers and Straight Copper Roof


  • Copper Roof
  • Straight style base
  • Large enough for a 10 Pitch Roof plus a 4″- 5″ clearance
  • 3/4″ weathervane hole
  • Width of cupola roof is 5” wider than base width
  • Made out of white pine lumber


Interior Screening

Extended base for 12/12 pitch roof

Patina Copper Roof

Patina gives an “Old Fashion/Worn” look to the cupolas roof.

Copper Roof Clear Coating

Keep the copper on your cupola and weathervane looking bright and shiny. Requires an annual application.

A Wooden Cupola with a Copper Roof

Whether you are looking for a large cupola for a pole barn or a small cupola for a shed, this square rooftop cupola is made with a base large enough for a ten-pitch roof cutout, plus a 4”-5” clearance. It sports a copper top roof with louvers to allow for ventilation of attic space, a barn, or use it as a cupola for a chicken coop to give the hens fresh air. And it is a wooden cupola which means you can paint it any color to match your existing structure.

Sizes for this copper rooftop cupola come in seven variations at 20” 24” 28” 32”, 36”, 42”, and a 48-inch copper-topped cupola. Make sure to choose the right sized cupola to make your building and the cupola complement each other. Not sure what size copper cupola you need? Check out our Cupolas Sizing Guide to find the right size for your home, garage, or horse barn.

Want a cupola with a polished copper weathervane? This cupola has a 3/4″ weathervane hole for a copper fish weathervane to reflect your love of fishing, a rooster weathervane to add a touch of history to your home, or the horse weathervane for those who are horse lovers. Not sure what weathervane to add to this copper-roofed cupola? Browse around 100 weathervanes in our selection.